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We want to inspire you.

That’s one of the reasons were launching a monthly e-newsletter to bring you inspiration, news, tips and ideas for ways to innovate in your industry.

We know you turn to us when you need a trusted partner to help with all your processes and parts needs, and we take that partnership very seriously. The hallmark of any top notch converter is that they have been around, they know what they are doing, have demonstrated their expertise, and stay on top of innovations and material advancements.  By sharing this information with you, we hope you’ll get ideas about how you can apply new ideas and new materials to your biggest challenges.

The newsletter will be called “Quick Cuts” because we want to keep it brief– just the inspiration and ideas you need. Thinking about some VHB tape?  We’ll talk about important properties to consider for your application.  Trying to determine the best way to streamline your production line?  We’ll tell you about others we have helped. Want to see a video about a material you’re thinking of using? We’ll feature it! We’re a Kansas City converter who loves to values customer service above all else, and we want you to have the most up-to-date information and breakthrough uses of the widest variety of materials available. The goal is to inform and inspire you with helpful tips, success stories and highlights of the innovative ways we’re helping all of our customers. Innovation can come from anywhere, and often breakthroughs come from using a material or a methodology for one industry and applying it to another.

If there’s anything in particular that you’d like to hear about, please let us know. We’d be happy to tailor it to your needs.

Thanks for being an ongoing part of our business lives. We are honored to serve you, and hope you enjoy Gasket Engineering’s Quick Cuts.

Less Work, More Profit: Converting Expertise That Converts to the Bottom Line

“Doing it this way requires less work and provides us with more profit, and who wouldn’t want that?”  That’s the question Mark Kirk asks to explain why they work with Gasket Engineering.  Mark is a Wind Energy Sales Manager at  Composite One, a leading distributor of a wide range of fiberglass and other composite materials and one of several Gasket Engineering suppliers who have also discovered the many benefits of being a customer s well.

Obviously, for wind blades, bird strike damage can be a real problem.  The blades are precisely engineered to harness the power of the wind.  They are designed to be lightweight but powerful, efficient and durable.  Damage from a bird strike can negatively impact the performance of a wind blade.  In addition to the labor required, costs to repair these massive blades include costs to rent a crane for the day to fix the blade and several thousand dollars for patching materials.

Prior to working with Gasket Engineering, Composite One was shipping the materials in their standard 200-lb rolls to the repair sites; the cost to ship the material was often much more than the cost of the material needed to repair the job! Typically, the customer only needs a small section to repair the damage. Mark explained, “We are a distributor, not a manufacturer, so we couldn’t efficiently do what needed to be done. Gasket Engineering has refined the process so well and figured out the secret of kitting and pattern cutting so that there is absolutely no waste.  No shop has less scrap; they are pretty phenomenal.”

The experts at Gasket Engineering were able to propose a way to cut and kit the proper materials in a most cost-efficient way. In addition, their response time was lightning quick, which translates to cost savings in both material and shipping costs.  By offering real-time turnaround and using their CNC cutting table and patented nesting software, they are able to nest multiple geometries out of a like material in the most efficient way possible and deliver it quickly just the way the customer needs it to get back up and running. This eliminates waste and lowers overall process costs and downtime.

By teaming up with Gasket Engineering, Composite One is now able to offer precision-cut, kitted composite materials that are perfectly suited for the job at hand.  This not only saves the customer on material shipping costs; it also saves on the time needed to repair (reducing crane rental costs), shrinks downtime, and eliminates waste.  Mark explains, “Now, with the help of Gasket Engineering, we are sending the right amount of materials needed, and everyone is happy. They have eliminated the headaches without increasing costs. Less work, more profit. That’s why we work with them.”

Complex Rotary Cutting to Fuse Five Layers Into One

Scientific and medical lab equipment can be very complex so when CLARCOR Industrial Air needed to make a multilayered solution cup vent for one of its clients, the company turned to Gasket Engineering.

CLARCOR is a manufacturer of ePTFE membrane, and it needed to laminate five layers  to create a single film for a lab and process industry application. Gasket Engineering’s rotary cutting equipment allowed them to create a sophisticated and intricate product to meet the client’s needs.

Sarah Propp, product development engineer for CLARCOR Industrial Air explains, “The project was fairly complex, requiring us to layer membrane with an  aluminum liner. The five-layer film included a support layer, the vent membrane and a pressure sensitive adhesive bonded to aluminum all adhered to an easy to handlerelease liner. While many other converters can’t generally handle layering multiple materials and multiple geometrics into a single product, Gasket Engineering told me ‘No problem’ and went about figuring out how to accomplish what we needed. They are out-of-the-box thinkers who have experience converting materials in non-typical ways.”

With a  wide range of machinery available and an innovative approach, Gasket Engineering can convert materials in complex ways that others can’t. If you’re looking for a converter with a unique combination of broad capabilities, creative thinking and a can-do attitude, let the team of experts at Gasket Engineering solve your converting challenges. Give us a call at 816.363.8333 or send a note to

Gasket Engineering

Converter in Kansas City Updates Its Brand Presence

You may have noticed that we have a new logo that we launched in the last six months, and we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about that.

You see, we have been looking for a way to honor our past AND express our innovative, future-oriented culture at the same time. It’s important to us to keep abreast of the latest in materials material innovations and offer the broadest range of processing capabilities possible. We wanted our logo to represent both customer service excellence, expertise in converting and cutting edge technology that we’ve invested in over the past few years.

Gasket Engineering (and its logo) has been around since the 1940s, producing high quality parts for discerning manufacturers in a broad range of industries with its precision die-cutting machines. We’re proud of the strong heritage of customer service and product expertise that our amazing employee teams have always brought to our customers that have made us the premiere converter in Kansas City. We have stayed at the top of our game by investing in new technologies, new capabilities and expanding our facilities over time.  Customers in new industries have experienced our over-the-top attention to customer service even as we have added laser cutting, expanded rotary cutting processes and dieless cutting machines to our capabilities.

So how could we honor our heritage and better reflect the forward thinking and innovative attitude we also embody? By updating our logo and brand presentation, our clients will get a better sense of what they’ll get when they work with Gasket Engineering.

The new color palette should feel contemporary and fresh and the sleek design itself feels like it was just cut from one of our many material offerings. We hope you like it, but more importantly, we hope your experiences live up to our high standards.


custom die cutting services

Creative Fabricator of Custom Die Cut Parts For a Handheld Device Manufacturer

CLARCOR Industrial Air used to sell its venting and filtration membrane (PTFE) only as large rolled goods, but after partnering with Gasket Engineering, it has been able to greatly expand its product offerings, solve unique business challenges and expand its customer base.

The membrane CLARCOR sells can be challenging to handle (imagine trying to handle a large sheet of Saran Wrap without getting it tangled), and that’s why the company partnered with Gasket Engineering. Acting as an advisor, we  worked through every challenge with the client to convert materials in the best way possible and address  the customer’s needs. We worked with them to cut the material into specific shapes, put the material on appropriate release liners and marry it with the best adhesives to allow for the broadest applications possible.

How do we do this?  As a fabricator of custom die cut parts, we help deliver creative product prototyping by answering questions in several areas:

  • What’s the best low-tack liner to use with the membrane for ease of application?
  • How can it bond with certain materials?

A customer in the cell phone industry needed to convert this delicate membrane from 80 inches wide to 2 inches wide. Understanding the customer’s need, Gasket Engineering  built a prototype with a low-tack liner for optimal handling. Sarah Propp, CLARCOR Air Industries product development engineer, explained, “With its in-house tooling capabilities and a large product inventory, Gasket Engineering was able to make a prototype very quickly. Their expertise helped us deliver what the customer needed for a quick new product proof of concept.”

There’s nothing that we like better than helping our customers solve challenges.  We work with so many different materials and custom-engineer every solution for each individual customer need. If you’re looking for a converter with a unique combination of broad capabilities, creative thinking and a can-do attitude, let the team of experts at Gasket Engineering solve your converting challenges. Call 1-816-363-8333 or send an email to

Let This Raw Material Converter Do The Work For You

Nothing seems impossible to Gasket Engineering.

When a partnership works, it works, and Gasket Engineering is happy to be able to have great partnership-style relationships with its material suppliers.  In turn, those suppliers appreciate the expertise this raw material converter brings to the relationship.

Gasket Engineering’s clients are sophisticated manufacturers of elegant and intricate products that provide solutions for a multitude of today’s engineering problems.  However, often times handling those materials and converting them in the most useful way can be a challenge, and that’s were Gasket Engineering shines.

One Wind Energy Sales Manager from a fiberglass distributor said, “They are what America is all about; they get excited about every opportunity to tackle problems that have never been solved before. When I bring them a project where there’s no easy answer and I only have a vague idea of what my client needs, they still say ‘Sure, we can work on that!’ They have a sense of ingenuity coupled with responsiveness that is so great to work with.“

This customer talked about the company’s focus, explaining, “ This aspect of product development for a given client company might constitute 5% of the total product, but they’re probably not giving it the attention it deserves –maybe 3% attention. Because it IS their business, Gasket Engineering gives it 100% attention to make sure it’s done right.  They have refined these processes and figured out how best to convert materials to deliver what the customer needs–with no waste.  I’ve seen many people do this, and no shop has less scrap than they do.  They’ll inevitably do it more efficiently, with more expertise and with more creativity. That’s the kind of partner you want!”

Boyd Comfort, Director of Sales at Gasket Engineering explains the company’s approach, “When we’re making something for a client, we have to bring creativity to the project. Our customers have come to us for our expertise, and they trust us to find a solution.”

Because of the wide range of machinery available to them and their innovative approach to challenges, Gasket Engineering can convert materials in complex ways that others can’t. If you’re looking for a converter with a unique combination of broad capabilities, creative thinking and a can-do attitude, let the team of experts at Gasket Engineering solve your converting challenges.

Give us a call at  816.363.8333

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We are updating everything and the latest change is an upgrade to our website. We love the clean new look and an intuitive, easy-to-navigate, mobile responsive design and hope it serves you well.  It’s important to us that our website reflects who we are.

For companies needing products precisely converted from a wide variety of materials, Gasket Engineering is the most service-oriented, experienced partner that provides “one-stop shopping” and quick turnaround for the broadest range of high-quality parts and materials.  Our ever-expanding capabilities leverage the large selection of state-of-the-art, ISO-9001 certified production technologies with our experienced team of specialists that embody our customer service mindset and will go out of their way to get what you need when you need it.

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