Viton® Gaskets and Seals

At Gasket Engineering, we pride ourselves on producing top-grade Viton® gaskets and Viton® seals. We are viewed as the one-stop-shop for converting Viton® gasket material to match the exact specifications and tolerances required. With our experienced professionals paired with our various capabilities, we can manufacture a variety of Viton® rubber gaskets and Viton® rubber seals.

Custom Viton® Gasket and Custom Viton® Seals Material

Viton® fluorocarbon elastomer is a high-performance rubber compound known for its excellent resistance to extreme heat, aggressive fuels, chemicals, oils and concentrated acids. The resilience of Viton® is low and its tear strength is limited unless certain compositional measures are taken to improve it.

Viton® rubber gaskets and Viton® rubber seals have resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids, animal and vegetable oils, and alkalis.

Viton® gasket material also exhibits superb resistance to atmospheric oxidation, sun, weather, fungus and mold. Viton® seals can also resist compression at temperatures that alter other elastomers. Viton® gaskets will perform in temperatures ranging from -15° F to + 400° F and up to 500° F at times.

Viton Gaskets

Viton® Gasket Material Grades

  • Viton® A

    Known as the commercial grade, it is the most widely used of the Viton ® gasket materials as rubber seals for automotive and aerospace lubricants and fuels. These are industries in which Gasket Engineering has a lot of experience. The premium grade and FDA grade are both 66% Fluorine.

  • Viton® B

    Mainly used in chemical processing, utilities and power industries. As a premium grade, Viton ® B is 68% Fluorine.

  • Viton® F

    Premium grade lists at 70% Fluorine.

  • Viton® Extreme

    Noted for its exceptional performance under extremely harsh chemical environments. This grade is typically involved in automotive oil seals, aerospace fuels and oil field applications.

  • Viton® Sponge

    Crucial for fluoroelastomers. Where softer material and resistance to heat and fluid is needed, Viton ® sponge is necessary.

Here at Gasket Engineering we will manufacture your custom Viton rubber gaskets and custom Viton rubber seals for your niche industry. We have over 60 years of experience in the industrial, heavy equipment, and aerospace industries. We have the capability to handle any custom Viton® gaskets, no matter the quantity.

We can perform die cutting, dieless cutting, rotary cutting, laser cutting, slitting and laminating. At Gasket Engineering, we can custom produce any shape or size to ensure a high-quality grade Viton® seal.

Contact us today and allow our highly skilled professionals to select the appropriate gasket material for your next manufacturing project. Please feel free to visit the request a quote page and fill out a form. Here at Gasket Engineering, we are excited to produce your next custom Viton® rubber seals or Viton® rubber gaskets.

Gasket Engineering continues to be a leader in the converting industry for over half a century. Our talented and experienced team of experts understand the manufacturing materials and production processes needed for your project. We have one of the widest ranges of converting capabilities available and our quality management systems meet very stringent standards. Gasket Engineering is proud of our high-standard customer service and our partnerships with several of the top names in rubber gasket materials and rubber seal materials:

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