Gasket Engineering Named One of Only Six Trelleborg Master Fabricators In the U.S.A.

Gasket Engineering Company has been a Trelleborg converter for many years, processes Trelleborg seals and is one of only six companies in the United States to be given the designation ‘Master Fabricators’ by the engineered polymer solutions giant.  The Trelleborg Group is based in Germany, is a global leader in a wide variety of engineered coated fabrics, and established this elite group will help the company innovate with new ideas for Trelleborg seals, Trelleborg gaskets and a whole host of Trelleborg sealing solutions.  This Trelleborg converter will contribute to fulfilling the Trelleborg Master Fabricator Program’s mission of driving engineered coated fabrics innovation forward and enhancing the supply chain.

Trelleborg converter

Trelleborg Converter of Custom Trelleborg Gaskets & Seals

Gasket Engineering Company was hand selected by The Trelleborg Group based on a variety of factors, including innovation and leadership in its respective markets as a Trelleborg converter, annual sales volume and growth of Trelleborg seals and Trelleborg gaskets, history with The Trelleborg Group, research capabilities for a wide variety of Trelleborg sealing solutions and overall desire to collaborate to fuel growth.

How Does Being A Master Fabricator Help Our Customers?

  • In-House Expertise

    We have been working as a Trelleborg converter for a long time, so we know their suite of engineered coated fabrics very well. We’ve developed Trelleborg sealing solutions for all sorts of manufacturing and product challenges.  If you have a problem, we’ll come up with the right solutions to meet your converting needs.

  • Access To Trelleborg Specialists

    We have long-standing relationships with the chemical engineers, product specialists and technical support staff  that develop Trelleborg seals  and can fast track the right sealing solutions to your biggest converting challenges.

  • Cost Efficiency

    As a Trelleborg converter with the designation of Master Fabricator, we have access to the most competitive pricing Trelleborg has to offer, which allows us to give you the best pricing for your Trelleborg gaskets!

  • Rapid Repsonse Times

    Gasket Engineering stocks a substantial amount of Trelleborg engineered coated fabrics, which means there’s a good chance we’ve got what you need in stock. Faster access to inventory means you can get your parts delivered more quickly.

  • Continuous Innovation

    The mission of the Master Fabricator Program is to push engineered fabric innovation forward.  We work with them to drive new product development.  As a Trelleborg Master Fabricator,  Gasket Engineering is actively involved in helping the company identify creative ways to bring the latest technology, materials and scientists’ breakthroughs to market. That means our customers have access to the latest, cutting-edge, problem-solving technology.

If you have a converting project for Trelleborg seals or Trelleborg gaskets that you’d like to discuss,
feel free to give one of our Trelleborg Master Fabricator experts 
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