PORON Urethane Foam

PORON Converter

As a Rogers® Preferred Converter, Gasket Engineering is well-versed in converting their most-popular PORON® urethane foam, which provides the perfect solution for a wide variety of gasketing needs.  If it’s good enough to be used in the Hubbell Space Telescope, maybe it would work for your next project!

PORON Urethane Foam Material Properties:

  • Superior Longevity
  • Excellent sealing capability
  • Outstanding impact protection

PORON Urethane Foam Applications:

  • Gasketing & Sealing for dust, fluid and light
  • Absorb impact energy
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Water sealing
  • Gap filling
  • Secure components

Note: If you are looking for material data sheets for PORON, check out the Foam tab in our Materials section.

PORON Urethane Foam