Touch screen gaskets

How to Properly Cut VHB Adhesive for Touchscreen Gaskets

Touch screen gaskets are best made with VHB adhesive and are harder to make than you think because if not done properly, the release liner doesn’t release.

Many product engineers love Very High Bond Tape (or VHB tape)because of its viscoelasticity (it “floats” well), but it is by definition sticky… very sticky. That’s what it supposed to be. But as a long-standing, high volume VHB tape converter, we know that if you don’t do it right, there are going to be problems, especially with the release liner.

Clients come to us when other converters have failed them.

Some of the most typical problems we hear about are release problems. Many converters don’t have enough expertise with cutting VHB adhesive to know that when you cut it, you can’t web it because the part will weld back together. The solution is to use an agent to assist in handling the VHB tape, but often the release agents can negatively impact the performance of the part during assembly and production.

That’s what happened with one of our clients in the electronic industry. They needed touch screen gaskets for a recreational vehicle. They had gone to another converter to get the part, but during production, the touch screen gaskets were not holding up.

That’s when they called us. The client had experience with the other company but needed parts that worked right away. Because Gasket Engineering is a 3M Preferred Partner, we were able to get the VHB adhesive materials in from 3M quickly, clear the right rotary tools necessary to do the job properly, and deliver the touch screen gaskets in six business days.

Gasket Engineering used its long-standing expertise, unique processes and specialized tool and equipment to ensure that the job was done right. The supply chain manager at this electronic company explained it this way, “We approached Gasket Engineering for help in solving a customer issue regarding the difficulty of removing the factory liner on the VHB adhesive used on one of our products.  Albert and the Gasket Engineering team were able to quickly offer samples of our part showing us several options of custom liners.   The final solution was well received and we have since switched to the new liner on another part as well.   Gasket Engineering’s innovative thinking and can-do approach has allowed us to improve our customer’s experience when installing our product on their equipment.”

To learn more, you can check out our webpages on rotary cutting, VHB tape and what it means to be a 3M Preferred Converter.

If your part calls for VHB tape, let the experts at Gasket Engineering ensure that the job is done properly. Contact us today to put our expertise to work for you!


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