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We’re in the press (again)!

New Manufacturer’s Rep Looks For Diversified Custom Gasket Manufacturer

If you’re a rep for a custom gasket manufacturer, how do you find a company  that is a preferred converter for 3M as well as Rogers Poron and has diversified capabilities to meet every converting need that may arise for your customer base? That’s the quest that eventually led the senior management team at Milwaukee-based HO Keuper to Gasket Engineering Company.

Throughout the upper Midwest/Great Lakes region, HO Keuper represents manufacturers who produce a variety of materials, ranging from flexible non-metallics (e.g. extruded and molded rubber or foam, die-cuts) to metal materials (e.g. wire mesh and screen, expanded metal, perforated metal), and they were looking for a new custom gasket manufacturer to represent.

“Our standards are pretty high, and we were looking for a custom gasket manufacturer whose values matched our own. They had to have ‘preferred converter’ status with major material manufacturers, demonstrate extensive capabilities in a broad range of converting processes, serve a highly diversified portfolio of clients and industries, and show themselves to be a stable company we could partner with for the long term,” explained Mark Acterberg, senior sales associate for HO Keuper.

“As we embarked on a nationwide search, we ended up with four good companies from which to choose. We were impressed with Gasket Engineering’s experience with beading materials, and their laser cutting capabilities allow us to expand our offerings even further. In the end, though, it came down to character. Gasket Engineering met all the criteria–had great capabilities and a great central location for our customer base (easily accessible to Mexican manufacturing operations as well as upper Midwest based facilities)–but what mattered most to us was the way the team at Gasket Engineering conducted their business. Mutually beneficial, long-term, high-quality business relationships are really important to us, and we are confident that we will have that with Gasket Engineering. When we visited their facilities, saw how extensive their operations were, and met the team, we knew this was a custom gasket manufacturer that we wanted to work with that could help us gain a competitive advantage in our marketplace.”

Boyd Comfort added, “We’re really excited about the opportunities ahead for our two companies. Partnering with HO Keuper will allow us to expand into new areas and leverage the broad range of capabilities we have. Our initial onboarding process has gone very smoothly, and we expect great things from our partnership moving forward.”

If you need a custom gasket manufacturer for your next project, feel free to reach out to us.  We’d be happy to help!

We’re in the News!

Gasket Engineering keeps pushing to provide the latest technologies and materials to our clients, and now the Kansas City Business Journal is writing about us! Check it out.

Leading Missouri-based gasket manufacturer develops innovative solutions to meet composite repair challenges

Gasket Engineering Company poised to expand into specialized wind turbine, aerospace and marine composite repair markets

KANSAS CITY , MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2016 — Gasket Engineering Company, known for its extensive gasket manufacturing capabilities, quick turnaround times and superior quality is poised for market expansion. The Company continues to invest in state-of-the art technology to meet the growing demands of its diverse client base. With its disruptive technology, Gasket Engineering Company has earned a stellar reputation in such industries as Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Wind Energy, Marine and Industrial.

The US Gasket and Seals market is forecasted to expand 3.8% annually until 2018, according to The Freedonia Group. The Company will continue to leverage its large selection of state-of-the art, ISO-9001 certified technologies to capture a larger share of this growing market.

The Company is also modifying its distribution strategies to accommodate the specialized repair and servicing niche of select industries. Due to the size and intricacies of their composite structures, Aerospace, Alternate Energy and Marine industries face significant logistical challenges when it comes to blade and composite repair.

“A major challenge facing these companies is that materials are shipped in enormous and costly rolls when only a fraction of the roll is needed to do the repair. In addition, onsite logistics make it impossible to access the precision technology needed to cut with accuracy , which results in spoilage and substandard quality” explains Boyd Comfort, Director of Sales and a Principal Partner of Gasket Engineering Company. “To address these complex problems, Gasket Engineering Company has designed custom crafted repair kits, which are cut, batched and shipped according to client specifications. Materials are always on hand and the quality is top-notch making this a complete turnkey solution”, Comfort continues.
With lightning quick response time and precision cutting using its CNC cutting tables and patented nesting software, Gasket Engineering Company is able to strategically nest multiple geometries out of a like material so that there is absolutely no waste.

Gasket Engineering Company plans to capitalize on the market need for leading edge composite repair services and will continue to innovate and provide the market with custom solutions that are cost efficient, flexible and long lasting.

Gasket Engineering Company is a service-oriented, experienced partner that provides “one-stop shopping” and quick turnaround for the broadest range of high-quality parts and materials. Founded in 1942, this third generation family-owned business has grown into a worldwide leader in rotary and flat bed die-cut parts.
The Company’s facilities include two major manufacturing buildings (one 60,000 square feet and the other 80,000 square feet) located in Kansas City and serving clients nationwide.

Introducing Gasket Engineering’s Quick Cuts!

We want to inspire you.

That’s one of the reasons were launching a monthly e-newsletter to bring you inspiration, news, tips and ideas for ways to innovate in your industry.

We know you turn to us when you need a trusted partner to help with all your processes and parts needs, and we take that partnership very seriously. The hallmark of any top notch converter is that they have been around, they know what they are doing, have demonstrated their expertise, and stay on top of innovations and material advancements.  By sharing this information with you, we hope you’ll get ideas about how you can apply new ideas and new materials to your biggest challenges.

The newsletter will be called “Quick Cuts” because we want to keep it brief– just the inspiration and ideas you need. Thinking about some VHB tape?  We’ll talk about important properties to consider for your application.  Trying to determine the best way to streamline your production line?  We’ll tell you about others we have helped. Want to see a video about a material you’re thinking of using? We’ll feature it! We’re a Kansas City converter who loves to values customer service above all else, and we want you to have the most up-to-date information and breakthrough uses of the widest variety of materials available. The goal is to inform and inspire you with helpful tips, success stories and highlights of the innovative ways we’re helping all of our customers. Innovation can come from anywhere, and often breakthroughs come from using a material or a methodology for one industry and applying it to another.

If there’s anything in particular that you’d like to hear about, please let us know. We’d be happy to tailor it to your needs.

Thanks for being an ongoing part of our business lives. We are honored to serve you, and hope you enjoy Gasket Engineering’s Quick Cuts.

Gasket Engineering

Converter in Kansas City Updates Its Brand Presence

You may have noticed that we have a new logo that we launched in the last six months, and we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about that.

You see, we have been looking for a way to honor our past AND express our innovative, future-oriented culture at the same time. It’s important to us to keep abreast of the latest in materials material innovations and offer the broadest range of processing capabilities possible. We wanted our logo to represent both customer service excellence, expertise in converting and cutting edge technology that we’ve invested in over the past few years.

Gasket Engineering (and its logo) has been around since the 1940s, producing high quality parts for discerning manufacturers in a broad range of industries with its precision die-cutting machines. We’re proud of the strong heritage of customer service and product expertise that our amazing employee teams have always brought to our customers that have made us the premiere converter in Kansas City. We have stayed at the top of our game by investing in new technologies, new capabilities and expanding our facilities over time.  Customers in new industries have experienced our over-the-top attention to customer service even as we have added laser cutting, expanded rotary cutting processes and dieless cutting machines to our capabilities.

So how could we honor our heritage and better reflect the forward thinking and innovative attitude we also embody? By updating our logo and brand presentation, our clients will get a better sense of what they’ll get when they work with Gasket Engineering.

The new color palette should feel contemporary and fresh and the sleek design itself feels like it was just cut from one of our many material offerings. We hope you like it, but more importantly, we hope your experiences live up to our high standards.


Let This Raw Material Converter Do The Work For You

Nothing seems impossible to Gasket Engineering.

When a partnership works, it works, and Gasket Engineering is happy to be able to have great partnership-style relationships with its material suppliers.  In turn, those suppliers appreciate the expertise this raw material converter brings to the relationship.

Gasket Engineering’s clients are sophisticated manufacturers of elegant and intricate products that provide solutions for a multitude of today’s engineering problems.  However, often times handling those materials and converting them in the most useful way can be a challenge, and that’s were Gasket Engineering shines.

One Wind Energy Sales Manager from a fiberglass distributor said, “They are what America is all about; they get excited about every opportunity to tackle problems that have never been solved before. When I bring them a project where there’s no easy answer and I only have a vague idea of what my client needs, they still say ‘Sure, we can work on that!’ They have a sense of ingenuity coupled with responsiveness that is so great to work with.“

This customer talked about the company’s focus, explaining, “ This aspect of product development for a given client company might constitute 5% of the total product, but they’re probably not giving it the attention it deserves –maybe 3% attention. Because it IS their business, Gasket Engineering gives it 100% attention to make sure it’s done right.  They have refined these processes and figured out how best to convert materials to deliver what the customer needs–with no waste.  I’ve seen many people do this, and no shop has less scrap than they do.  They’ll inevitably do it more efficiently, with more expertise and with more creativity. That’s the kind of partner you want!”

Boyd Comfort, Director of Sales at Gasket Engineering explains the company’s approach, “When we’re making something for a client, we have to bring creativity to the project. Our customers have come to us for our expertise, and they trust us to find a solution.”

Because of the wide range of machinery available to them and their innovative approach to challenges, Gasket Engineering can convert materials in complex ways that others can’t. If you’re looking for a converter with a unique combination of broad capabilities, creative thinking and a can-do attitude, let the team of experts at Gasket Engineering solve your converting challenges.

Give us a call at  816.363.8333