Gasket Engineering

Converter in Kansas City Updates Its Brand Presence

You may have noticed that we have a new logo that we launched in the last six months, and we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about that.

You see, we have been looking for a way to honor our past AND express our innovative, future-oriented culture at the same time. It’s important to us to keep abreast of the latest in materials material innovations and offer the broadest range of processing capabilities possible. We wanted our logo to represent both customer service excellence, expertise in converting and cutting edge technology that we’ve invested in over the past few years.

Gasket Engineering (and its logo) has been around since the 1940s, producing high quality parts for discerning manufacturers in a broad range of industries with its precision die-cutting machines. We’re proud of the strong heritage of customer service and product expertise that our amazing employee teams have always brought to our customers that have made us the premiere converter in Kansas City. We have stayed at the top of our game by investing in new technologies, new capabilities and expanding our facilities over time.  Customers in new industries have experienced our over-the-top attention to customer service even as we have added laser cutting, expanded rotary cutting processes and dieless cutting machines to our capabilities.

So how could we honor our heritage and better reflect the forward thinking and innovative attitude we also embody? By updating our logo and brand presentation, our clients will get a better sense of what they’ll get when they work with Gasket Engineering.

The new color palette should feel contemporary and fresh and the sleek design itself feels like it was just cut from one of our many material offerings. We hope you like it, but more importantly, we hope your experiences live up to our high standards.