New Manufacturer’s Rep Looks For Diversified Custom Gasket Manufacturer

If you’re a rep for a custom gasket manufacturer, how do you find a company  that is a preferred converter for 3M as well as Rogers Poron and has diversified capabilities to meet every converting need that may arise for your customer base? That’s the quest that eventually led the senior management team at Milwaukee-based HO Keuper to Gasket Engineering Company.

Throughout the upper Midwest/Great Lakes region, HO Keuper represents manufacturers who produce a variety of materials, ranging from flexible non-metallics (e.g. extruded and molded rubber or foam, die-cuts) to metal materials (e.g. wire mesh and screen, expanded metal, perforated metal), and they were looking for a new custom gasket manufacturer to represent.

“Our standards are pretty high, and we were looking for a custom gasket manufacturer whose values matched our own. They had to have ‘preferred converter’ status with major material manufacturers, demonstrate extensive capabilities in a broad range of converting processes, serve a highly diversified portfolio of clients and industries, and show themselves to be a stable company we could partner with for the long term,” explained Mark Acterberg, senior sales associate for HO Keuper.

“As we embarked on a nationwide search, we ended up with four good companies from which to choose. We were impressed with Gasket Engineering’s experience with beading materials, and their laser cutting capabilities allow us to expand our offerings even further. In the end, though, it came down to character. Gasket Engineering met all the criteria–had great capabilities and a great central location for our customer base (easily accessible to Mexican manufacturing operations as well as upper Midwest based facilities)–but what mattered most to us was the way the team at Gasket Engineering conducted their business. Mutually beneficial, long-term, high-quality business relationships are really important to us, and we are confident that we will have that with Gasket Engineering. When we visited their facilities, saw how extensive their operations were, and met the team, we knew this was a custom gasket manufacturer that we wanted to work with that could help us gain a competitive advantage in our marketplace.”

Boyd Comfort added, “We’re really excited about the opportunities ahead for our two companies. Partnering with HO Keuper will allow us to expand into new areas and leverage the broad range of capabilities we have. Our initial onboarding process has gone very smoothly, and we expect great things from our partnership moving forward.”

If you need a custom gasket manufacturer for your next project, feel free to reach out to us.  We’d be happy to help!