Complex Rotary Cutting to Fuse Five Layers Into One

Scientific and medical lab equipment can be very complex so when CLARCOR Industrial Air needed to make a multilayered solution cup vent for one of its clients, the company turned to Gasket Engineering.

CLARCOR is a manufacturer of ePTFE membrane, and it needed to laminate five layers  to create a single film for a lab and process industry application. Gasket Engineering’s rotary cutting equipment allowed them to create a sophisticated and intricate product to meet the client’s needs.

Sarah Propp, product development engineer for CLARCOR Industrial Air explains, “The project was fairly complex, requiring us to layer membrane with an  aluminum liner. The five-layer film included a support layer, the vent membrane and a pressure sensitive adhesive bonded to aluminum all adhered to an easy to handlerelease liner. While many other converters can’t generally handle layering multiple materials and multiple geometrics into a single product, Gasket Engineering told me ‘No problem’ and went about figuring out how to accomplish what we needed. They are out-of-the-box thinkers who have experience converting materials in non-typical ways.”

With a  wide range of machinery available and an innovative approach, Gasket Engineering can convert materials in complex ways that others can’t. If you’re looking for a converter with a unique combination of broad capabilities, creative thinking and a can-do attitude, let the team of experts at Gasket Engineering solve your converting challenges. Give us a call at 816.363.8333 or send a note to