Less Work, More Profit: Converting Expertise That Converts to the Bottom Line

“Doing it this way requires less work and provides us with more profit, and who wouldn’t want that?”  That’s the question Mark Kirk asks to explain why they work with Gasket Engineering.  Mark is a Wind Energy Sales Manager at  Composite One, a leading distributor of a wide range of fiberglass and other composite materials and one of several Gasket Engineering suppliers who have also discovered the many benefits of being a customer s well.

Obviously, for wind blades, bird strike damage can be a real problem.  The blades are precisely engineered to harness the power of the wind.  They are designed to be lightweight but powerful, efficient and durable.  Damage from a bird strike can negatively impact the performance of a wind blade.  In addition to the labor required, costs to repair these massive blades include costs to rent a crane for the day to fix the blade and several thousand dollars for patching materials.

Prior to working with Gasket Engineering, Composite One was shipping the materials in their standard 200-lb rolls to the repair sites; the cost to ship the material was often much more than the cost of the material needed to repair the job! Typically, the customer only needs a small section to repair the damage. Mark explained, “We are a distributor, not a manufacturer, so we couldn’t efficiently do what needed to be done. Gasket Engineering has refined the process so well and figured out the secret of kitting and pattern cutting so that there is absolutely no waste.  No shop has less scrap; they are pretty phenomenal.”

The experts at Gasket Engineering were able to propose a way to cut and kit the proper materials in a most cost-efficient way. In addition, their response time was lightning quick, which translates to cost savings in both material and shipping costs.  By offering real-time turnaround and using their CNC cutting table and patented nesting software, they are able to nest multiple geometries out of a like material in the most efficient way possible and deliver it quickly just the way the customer needs it to get back up and running. This eliminates waste and lowers overall process costs and downtime.

By teaming up with Gasket Engineering, Composite One is now able to offer precision-cut, kitted composite materials that are perfectly suited for the job at hand.  This not only saves the customer on material shipping costs; it also saves on the time needed to repair (reducing crane rental costs), shrinks downtime, and eliminates waste.  Mark explains, “Now, with the help of Gasket Engineering, we are sending the right amount of materials needed, and everyone is happy. They have eliminated the headaches without increasing costs. Less work, more profit. That’s why we work with them.”