Let This Raw Material Converter Do The Work For You

Nothing seems impossible to Gasket Engineering.

When a partnership works, it works, and Gasket Engineering is happy to be able to have great partnership-style relationships with its material suppliers.  In turn, those suppliers appreciate the expertise this raw material converter brings to the relationship.

Gasket Engineering’s clients are sophisticated manufacturers of elegant and intricate products that provide solutions for a multitude of today’s engineering problems.  However, often times handling those materials and converting them in the most useful way can be a challenge, and that’s were Gasket Engineering shines.

One Wind Energy Sales Manager from a fiberglass distributor said, “They are what America is all about; they get excited about every opportunity to tackle problems that have never been solved before. When I bring them a project where there’s no easy answer and I only have a vague idea of what my client needs, they still say ‘Sure, we can work on that!’ They have a sense of ingenuity coupled with responsiveness that is so great to work with.“

This customer talked about the company’s focus, explaining, “ This aspect of product development for a given client company might constitute 5% of the total product, but they’re probably not giving it the attention it deserves –maybe 3% attention. Because it IS their business, Gasket Engineering gives it 100% attention to make sure it’s done right.  They have refined these processes and figured out how best to convert materials to deliver what the customer needs–with no waste.  I’ve seen many people do this, and no shop has less scrap than they do.  They’ll inevitably do it more efficiently, with more expertise and with more creativity. That’s the kind of partner you want!”

Boyd Comfort, Director of Sales at Gasket Engineering explains the company’s approach, “When we’re making something for a client, we have to bring creativity to the project. Our customers have come to us for our expertise, and they trust us to find a solution.”

Because of the wide range of machinery available to them and their innovative approach to challenges, Gasket Engineering can convert materials in complex ways that others can’t. If you’re looking for a converter with a unique combination of broad capabilities, creative thinking and a can-do attitude, let the team of experts at Gasket Engineering solve your converting challenges.

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