Leading Missouri-based gasket manufacturer develops innovative solutions to meet composite repair challenges

Gasket Engineering Company poised to expand into specialized wind turbine, aerospace and marine composite repair markets

KANSAS CITY , MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2016 — Gasket Engineering Company, known for its extensive gasket manufacturing capabilities, quick turnaround times and superior quality is poised for market expansion. The Company continues to invest in state-of-the art technology to meet the growing demands of its diverse client base. With its disruptive technology, Gasket Engineering Company has earned a stellar reputation in such industries as Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Wind Energy, Marine and Industrial.

The US Gasket and Seals market is forecasted to expand 3.8% annually until 2018, according to The Freedonia Group. The Company will continue to leverage its large selection of state-of-the art, ISO-9001 certified technologies to capture a larger share of this growing market.

The Company is also modifying its distribution strategies to accommodate the specialized repair and servicing niche of select industries. Due to the size and intricacies of their composite structures, Aerospace, Alternate Energy and Marine industries face significant logistical challenges when it comes to blade and composite repair.

“A major challenge facing these companies is that materials are shipped in enormous and costly rolls when only a fraction of the roll is needed to do the repair. In addition, onsite logistics make it impossible to access the precision technology needed to cut with accuracy , which results in spoilage and substandard quality” explains Boyd Comfort, Director of Sales and a Principal Partner of Gasket Engineering Company. “To address these complex problems, Gasket Engineering Company has designed custom crafted repair kits, which are cut, batched and shipped according to client specifications. Materials are always on hand and the quality is top-notch making this a complete turnkey solution”, Comfort continues.
With lightning quick response time and precision cutting using its CNC cutting tables and patented nesting software, Gasket Engineering Company is able to strategically nest multiple geometries out of a like material so that there is absolutely no waste.

Gasket Engineering Company plans to capitalize on the market need for leading edge composite repair services and will continue to innovate and provide the market with custom solutions that are cost efficient, flexible and long lasting.

Gasket Engineering Company is a service-oriented, experienced partner that provides “one-stop shopping” and quick turnaround for the broadest range of high-quality parts and materials. Founded in 1942, this third generation family-owned business has grown into a worldwide leader in rotary and flat bed die-cut parts.
The Company’s facilities include two major manufacturing buildings (one 60,000 square feet and the other 80,000 square feet) located in Kansas City and serving clients nationwide.