Silicone Gaskets & Seals

Gasket Engineering manufactures a top-grade custom Silicone gasket with the highest quality Silicone gasket materials available within the converting industry. We are known as the one-stop-shop for converting Silicone gasket material into the exact specifications and tolerance requirements you need for your custom Silicone rubber gasket or custom Silicone rubber seal. The variety of innovative capabilities we have alongside our highly-skilled professionals can manufacture a variety of custom Silicone products across a diverse range of industries.

Custom Silicone Rubber Gaskets and Custom Silicone Rubber Seals

silicone rubber gaskets

Silicone is a part of a family of synthetic elastomers. Silicone gaskets are very popular and versatile polymer applications. Our die cut Silicone gaskets and Silicone rubber seals are resistant to ozone, sunlight, and weathering. Silicone provides environmental sealing and offers superior temperature stability.

Gasket Engineering has access to a wide range of Silicone gasket material from the leading Silicon suppliers.  The custom Silicone rubber gaskets and custom silicone rubber seals that we make from these materials can resist extreme temperatures ranging from 90°F to 400°F (-67°C to 204°C).  Silicone gaskets made with these materials are chemically inert and hold good dielectric properties. Our facilities can make Silicone gaskets to meet any specifications you may require.

A Silicone gasket will also maintain its flexibility at low temperatures. Silicone rubber gaskets and silicone rubber seals resist damage if twisted.  Die cut Silicone gaskets are excellent for electrical insulation and hold a low compression set. However, Silicone rubber gaskets and Silicone rubber seals have poor resistance to oils, fuels and hydrocarbons. Silicone gasket material is odorless and tasteless, so there are compounds that are available for surgical and food processing applications.

Custom Silicone Rubber Gasket and Custom Silicone Rubber Seal Application Types

Silicone gasket types can be categorized is a variance of ways: solid  silicone gaskets, sponge silicone gaskets and foam silicone gaskets.

  • Custom Solid Silicone Rubber Seals and Custom Solid Silicone Rubber Gaskets

    Our custom solid silicone products are made of solid rubber with a tightly-wound molecular structure. The solid silicone material we fabricate is available as soft as a gel all the way up to 70 Durometer Shore A. Lower-durometer solid silicone products provide strong environmental sealing with low closure force. A solid silicone gasket seal with mid-range durometers require additional closure force.

  • Custom Sponge Silicone Rubber Gaskets and Custom Sponge Silicone Rubber Seals

    A sponge silicone gasket has a distinct molecular structure that provides a cushioning and padding. Open-cell die cut silicone gaskets contain interconnected pockets that allows water, chemicals and air to pass through, unless compressed. Closed-cell silicone gaskets are filled with nitrogen gas to prevent water, chemicals and air from passing through at low pressures.

  • Custom Foam Silicone Gasket Material

    A Gasket Engineering foam silicone gasket is made of soft, medium, firm or extra-firm silicone grades for a variety of compressibility. Foam custom silicone products have lower compression sets than the sponge silicone rubber gasket material. Foam molded silicone rubber seals also offer improved resistance to flame and like the solid and sponge silicone, foam silicone gaskets can be utilized in numerous applications.

Silicone rubber gaskets and custom Silicone rubber seals are very popular throughout various industries due to their elastomeric properties. At Gasket Engineering, we hold the highest standards of quality and tolerance when manufacturing our Silicone materials. Our ever-expanding capabilities allow us to utilize cutting-edge equipment to make the exact shape, dimensions and thickness required for your custom die cut Silicone gasket and seals.

Gasket Engineering will manufacture your custom Silicone rubber gaskets and custom rubber Silicone seals for your niche industry. We have serviced the alternative energy, marine, aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, industrial and energy industries. We have over 60 years of experience and we can tackle any custom Silicone rubber gasket manufacturing project.

Our ever-expanding capabilities include die cutting, dieless cutting, rotary cutting, slitting, laminating and laser cutting. We can custom manufacture any die cut Silicone gasket or Silicone seal, no matter the size or shape. Gasket Engineering will ensure you are receiving the highest quality grade custom Silicone gasket.

Allow us to select the appropriate gasket material for your next manufacturing task. Contact us today or head over to our request a quote page and fill out a form. The Gasket Engineering skilled professionals look forward to manufacturing your next custom Silicone gasket!

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Gasket Engineer takes pride in being recognized as a leading innovator in the converting industry for over a half of century. At Gasket Engineering, our accomplished team of highly-skilled experts in manufacturing materials will advise you through our thorough and specific production capabilities. We have one of the widest ranges of converting capabilities available in the industry and our quality management systems meet demanding industry standards. Gasket Engineering is proud of our high quality services we provide our loyal customer base and we are proud to be partners with several of the top companies in Silicone rubber gasket materials and Silicone rubber seal materials: