Where are your products manufactured?  That is an increasingly important question to product managers and engineers throughout the United States. As an example, the automotive industry will be one of the most affected by the election of Donald Trump. The Trump administration’s plan to impose tariffs on vehicles and parts imported into the U.S., cutting back of fuel economy targets, decreased subsidies for cars fueled by electricity and stricter trade policies is leaving industry participants unsettled and apprehensive about the future. These proposed changes may affect the types of cars manufactured, increase costs and car prices and may drive demand for domestic part manufacturers, who themselves would be presented with unique challenges.

Gasket Engineering Company has  helped many companies bring manufacturing back to the United States, to take advantage of the  opportunities created by a “Made In The USA” mindset. For example, if a company has successfully been manufacturing something in China but needs to bring it back to the U.S. in order to win a government contract, Gasket Engineering can help! Oftentimes, we find ways to streamline processes for even greater efficiency!

If the current business climate has your team thinking about the challenges, opportunities and threats you could be facing as you explore moving your part manufacturing back to the United States, feel free to give one of our experts a call.